Defense of the realm

We’re going to defend our world from the barbarian Olympian invaders! Good. We have a very simple inherent motivation – we love, fear, or respect our gods, and the usurpers must not kill them!

Of course, we have a few challenges to face, namely, we are opposing the GODS. not ours, but GODS nevertheless. How powerful are the newcomers? What is their intent? Are we jumping the gun? Yes.

To begin with, lets go with what we know. We’re going to define a few things, although you may go with different options. We’re going to start at level one. We’re using core rulebook and APG classes and races, along with other options. We are allowing Ultimate Magic and Ultimate Combat, but not gunslinger, and not words of power. Gunslinger’s swords and pistols approach doesn’t feel right against the Olympains, and Words of power.. well, we want to use that in a different way.

We’re not going to start in Absalom, although that might seem a good default place, because we’re pretty sure that the Olympians are going to be ajust a little more subtle – wait. Zeus was never known for subtlelty. Nor Ares. But Artemis is, and she will definitely be helping them in their invasion planning, even if Ares is the battlefield commander. Until the combat begins, This is Artemis’ show.

Defense of the realm

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